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About Chamber

The idea of establishing the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce

The idea leading to the establishment of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce came into being towards the end of 2007 on the initiative of a group of people associated with Polish and Indian business who were examining the changing situation on the promising Polish and Indian markets.

In May 2008, the first high-level consultations with the Polish and Indian business sectors, government institutions and local governments were held. Partners who participated in the initial negotiations are as follows:

– World Trade Center Poznań
– Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI),
– Confederation of Indian Industry (CII),
– NASSCOM in India,
– Polish Business Roundtable,
– Business Center Club (BCC),
– Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan,
– Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ),
– Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland,
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (MSZ)
– Marshall Offices of the following voivodships: Wielkopolskie, Slaskie, Pomorskie, Lodzkie,
– Presidents of the following cities: Poznan, Warszawa, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Szczecin, Gdansk, Wrzesnia,
– The Embassy of India in Poland,
– Trade & Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi,
– Ministry of External Affairs in India (MEA),
– Indian Government representatives,
– Self-governments of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharastra and Gujarat province.


The mission of the Chamber

The Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce has undertaken to develop business co-operation between Poland and India.

The aim of the Chamber is to strengthen and intensify the economic relations between Polish and Indian companies. Due to significant cultural differences between India and Poland, the Chamber also constitutes a cultural exchange platform.

The Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce has become a significant and valuable source of information for the Polish and Indian entities on lifting trade and investment barriers.


The establishment of the Chamber – the founding meeting September 17, 2008.

On September 17, 2008, the founding meeting of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce took place in World Trade Center Poznan with the participation of over 100 entrepreneurs from Poland and India.

The official part begun with the speech of Eugeniusz Grzeszczak, the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister, who appreciatingly welcomed the initiative of the establishment of the Chamber. Thanks to the support of Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, and the involvement of Mr Eugeniusz Grzeszczak, as well as to the interest of entrepreneurs themselves, we realised how necessary it is to build the structure of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce.

During the meeting, a congratulatory letter with best wishes of success from Kamal Nath, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, was read out.

During the General Founding Meeting a resolution on the establishment of the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce was passed. Also, the Statute of the Chamber was enacted and the Council, the Board and the Board of Audit were elected.

Aleksander Joskowiak, a lawyer and one of the initiators of the Chamber was appointed the Chairman of the Council. Mr Maciej Suszka, adviser for the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister, was appointed Vice-chairman. Ryszard Sznajder, former long time adviser of Polish Ambassador in India is the President of the Board. An Indian businessman became a member of the Board.

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