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provided by Polish – Indian Chamber of Commerce

The Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce was founded to support Polish and Indian entrepreneurs who wish to establish business contacts in these countries. The aim of the Chamber is to provide the companies with solid information on the target market, to promote the activity of the entrepreneurs both in Poland and India and, should the need arise, to protect their interests. One of the Chamber’s main objectives is to organise trade fair and exhibitions, workshops and conferences, both in Poland and India, that would effectively promote the potential of both countries and create conditions to establish direct contact with the exhibitors from both countries. The Chamber also organises business missions that familiarise the entrepreneurs with the Indian market and establish contacts with prospective collaborators. Constant promotion of the associated companies during fairs, business missions, in front of Polish and Indian central and local authorities, and Indian associations uniting tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are the major fundamentals of the membership in the Chamber. The Chamber provides the parties interested in investment on the Indian market with full and solid information on respective branches of trade and gives access to the list of prospective collaborators. The activity of the Chamber is supported by diplomatic posts, i.e. the Polish Embassy in New Delhi, Polish Consulate in Mumbai, Indian Embassy in Warsaw, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with whom the Chamber co-operates on a regular basis. The Chamber also co-operates with European organisations, i.e. European Business and Technology Centre, Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

Services provided by the Chamber:

– SEARCHING FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS – the Chamber prepares a list of business partners from a selected section/branch and mediates in the establishment of contacts. On your request we participate in direct talks with prospective collaborators.

– BUSINESS MISSIONS TO INDIA – the Chamber provides thorough services on the organisation of business missions to India, which encompasses: searching for business partners and scheduling individual meetings between the entrepreneurs, scheduling visits in diplomatic posts, organising the stay in India (accommodation, flight reservation, etc.) and preparing advertisement materials.

– ORGANISATION AND PARTICIPATION IN TRADE FAIR AND EXHIBITIONS – In order to promote the activity of the Chamber and its Members, we organise and participate in seminars, symposia, exhibitions and conferences both in Poland and in India. One of the major statutory objectives of the Chamber is the organisation of the fairs in both countries, in all branches of the market. On your request, we search for fairs on selected branches, we select business partners, organise direct meetings, prepare advertising materials and organise the stay in India (accommodation, flight, etc.).

– MARKET RESEARCH –  the Chamber provides economic guidance and consulting, draws up reports and opinions on a selected section/branch, prepares thorough investment analysis of a selected branch. The Chamber, in co-operation with Indian consulting companies, prepares a report on all aspects of company founding in India: current rules of law, taxation system in a given region, sales and supply market and perspectives of development of your company.

– BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – the Chamber co-operates with entities that provide professional economic investigation of the entities acting in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

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