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In response to the growing  interest in the Polish market, together with our partners, we developed a range of trainings and courses to ensure adequate preparation of the employees, and members of staff to effectively conduct business in India.

We offer trainings, seminars and conferences devoted to various aspects of doing business in Poland/India, collaboration with Indian companies, and related topics. In an accessible and practical way we explain the specificities of the Indian market, recommended areas of cooperation, the potential benefits from business expansion to this market and possible barriers to the development of business relations and ways to overcome them, paying attention to the cultural differences. During the training you will be provided with information about the mentality of the specific situation in negotiations and other crucial elements of establishing business contacts.

The basic courses cover:

– Doing business with Poland/India:

  • Recommended areas of cooperation
  • Possible barriers to the development of business relations and ways to overcome them
  • Cultural differences in business between Poland and India
  • Legal and tax aspects of running a business and investing in Poland/India
  • Business environment, distribution, markets
  • Foreign direct investment and incentive schemes for their influx, tenders, barriers to market access, transfers
  • Getting Started – entry into the Polish/Indian market: searching for a local partner, verification of its credibility, participation in trade fairs/missions, contact with local chambers of commerce

– The language and culture of Poland/India

– The current socio-economic situation of Poland/India and their development prospects